August 1, 2022

Amanda | A Boudoir Session at Negative Space Studios

Booking a boudoir session is fun, empowering, and a great way to take some time to celebrate you! You have a lot of options for where to do your boudoir photos, and booking a studio is a great way to guarantee an amazing, unique backdrop. Negative Space Studios offers a few different spaces to choose from, located in Houston, Texas!

Reasons to Book a Studio for Your Boudoir Session

Booking a studio for your session has a few advantages!

Studios Are Designed for Photos

The biggest reason that booking a studio is a great option for any photo session, is that studios are designed to be photographed. That means they focus on lighting, with big windows and natural light, they have lots of props for you to use, and they’re carefully decorated to give you a great backdrop – so your boudoir photos will turn out amazingly! 

Studios Have Hourly Rates

Unlike booking an Airbnb or hotel, where you usually will have to pay for an entire night, when you book a studio for your boudoir session, there is usually a set hourly rate. Negative Space Studios has a two hour minimum (which is pretty standard for studios, and ensures you have plenty of time), and can be booked for up to 12 hours!

About Negative Space Studios

Negative Space Studios is a collection of a few spaces that you can use for a boudoir session. The two Lofts are the best options for photos, offering an open space with furniture and everything you need! 

Loft One is modern and spacious, with dark accents that can be great for playing with light and shadows. Loft Two is similar, but a little brighter, with colorful furniture and white walls. Both studios have wood beams and a vintage-but-modern vibe, both have a powder room, kitchen, and open counter space, but only Loft One has a bed.

If you want a bigger place, you can book Are Space, which is decorated like a modern art gallery, State St, which is an entire home that has cool brick, wood, and a vintage, cozy interior. There’s even the Fulshear House on the outskirts of Houston, a big house where you can take photos indoor and outdoors, and even by the pool!

How to Book Negative Space Studios for Your Boudoir Session

If you want to take your boudoir photos at Negative Space Studios, the first step is to book your photographer! As a boudoir photographer in Houston, my job is to make you feel comfortable and at ease during your session, so that you can really connect with yourself and celebrate everything that makes you, you. 
Contact me to schedule your boudoir shoot, and we’ll f

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