October 1, 2022

Melanie | Boho Malibu Dream Airstream Boudoir Session

When it comes to booking a boudoir shoot, you have so many options for locations – you might stick to your home, book a hotel room, or take photos in a professional studio. But, you can also opt for something really unique, like an Airstream! The Malibu Dream Airstream is the perfect place for a boudoir shoot, giving you a one of a kind backdrop and a perfect, well lit space.

About the Malibu Dream Airstream

The Malibu Dream Airstream really is a dream, and has been featured in a lot of cool shoots, including Taylor Swift’s Vogue cover shoot in 2015! Located in the Malibu Hills, it’s just an hour outside of Los Angeles, and a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s located on a cliffside overlooking Malibu, giving you a chance to be out in nature with plenty of privacy and solitude. Not only will a Malibu Dream Airstream boudoir shoot be the perfect way to get some photos, it’ll also be a nice little escape in the hills.

The views of the mountains and the ocean are just jaw dropping, and the space is designed to be both an indoor and outdoor experience. In the Airstream you’ll find a light and airy space with lots of windows for perfect lighting. One of the walls is entirely glass, so you can enjoy the incredible views of the hills! Outside, there’s a wooden patio, with outdoor furniture and stunning views – so you’ll have a few different backdrops for your boudoir session.

Turn your Malibu Dream Airstream boudoir session into a little getaway and go for an adventure after you wrap up shooting! There are hiking and biking trails that you can take right from the Airstream, and it’s just a short drive into town or to the beach for swimming, surfing, or just relaxing by the water.

Book Your Malibu Dream Airstream Boudoir Shoot

Once it’s time to book the Malibu Dream Airstream, you can do that on their website. It starts at $700 per night, but weekends are $750.

But, if you want to do your own boudoir shoot in the Malibu Dream Airstream, the first step is to hire a photographer! Contact me to book a session, and we’ll find dates that work for both of us so that you can book the Airstream.

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