celebrating women

through an easygoing experience and galleries guaranteed to take your breath away.

But there’s a reason women push past the awkwardness to discover what this whole boudoir photography thing is all about. Mindblowing photos that bare a little extra aren’t just reserved for flawless models and elegant actresses. You can have them, too!

So, let’s talk frankly about our insecurities, explore new meanings of the word “sexy,” and craft a one-of-a-kind boudoir experience just for you. Whether you’re hoping to blow his mind or just your own, I look forward to creating the dramatic, daring, and feminine Houston boudoir photography session of your dreams!

Look, I get it. Stripping down and stepping in front of a stranger’s camera isn’t your average Wednesday afternoon.

hey i'm kristen

making dramatic art in yoga pants and birks

From seductive and sexy to wildly whimsical, femininity can take any form. I believe the photography that documents it should, too!

More than any other style, boudoir photography invites participants into a unique adventure bursting with mystery, discovery, and magic.

This is what drew me so irresistibly from a successful career in wedding and elopement photography into this particular style full-time.

I love guiding women outside their comfort zones to see themselves in a brand new way. And filling galleries with vibrant personalities captured in my signature moody style is the joy of a lifetime.

But if you’d told me a decade ago that this was the career I’d land in someday, I’d never have believed I’d be able to blend my passion for art and my desire to serve others into such a rewarding day job!

So,  how'dI  get here?

amanda, 2022 client

“She captured everything I wanted and more. I’m OBSESSED, and I know my husband will be too! Thank you, Kristen, for making it such a fun and comfortable experience!”

"I'm obsessed!"

You don’t have to be as comfy getting naked in the middle of a national park as I am to have an epic session! Let’s think outside the Victoria’s secret bag and give your fiancé’s suit jacket, an oversized jersey, or a cozy sweater its time to shine! Enjoy a boudoir experience that feels more like hanging out with a friend than taking buttoned-up studio photos. Because why button up when you can do precisely the opposite?

And if you’re not a fan of baring-it-all? Don’t worry!

I believe you should never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in front of a camera or stress about the pressure of posing. I’ll be there in my trusty yoga pants to show you exactly how to bend, lean, and sit to make your body look its best!

Welcome to the Kristen Giles boudoir experience—as freeing as a windows-down drive through the countryside on a summer day and as intimate as slipping into your fiancé's t-shirt for a cozy Sunday in.


the kristen giles experience

Whether you want something provocative and scandalous or cute and quirky, I can’t wait to help bring your vision for a boudoir session to life. So, let’s cut right to the good part and start planning a Houston boudoir photography session you’ll never forget!