August 1, 2022

Loft II at Negative Space Studios

Negative Space Studios – which happens to be my favorite studio – here in Houston, Texas has a new space for your boudoir shoot! Loft II provides a gorgeous addition to the original studio space, with big windows, plenty of space, and a perfect setting for some boudoir photos.

I worked with my friends at Tease HTX – who usually do (amazing) hair and makeup but stepped in front of my camera for this one to highlight the new Loft II with a fun boudoir session!

About Loft II at Negative Space Studios

A studio makes the perfect setting for any boudoir session, because they’re designed to be photogenic! Every last detail of Loft II makes it a gorgeous backdrop for a photoshoot.

The two huge windows that let in tons of natural light ensure that the lighting is perfect for your session, letting in sunlight reflecting from the rooftops that surround the studio. The Loft is also super personalizable, providing different textures, furniture pieces, and more so you can get some variety in your photos!

There’s an 8×8 foot wall that can be moved around the studio – one side is a solid matte black for edgy photos that play with shadows and light, and the other side is a lime-wash almond texture for a lighter backdrop. The shooting space is spacious and open, with unique furniture pieces that can be used as props! 

Loft II also has absolutely everything you need for a comfortable experience – a powder room, steamer, a clothing rack for outfit changes, a full kitchen (for snacks or to use in your photos!), lighting, a fan, and a bluetooth speaker to play some tunes to help you get comfortable!

Want to Book Loft II for Your Boudoir Session?

If you love Loft II at Negative Space Studios and want to try it out for your own boudoir session, you can find booking info and available dates here. The studio can be rented by the hour, and costs $75 per hour, with a two hour minimum. This rate is for up to 6 people, which is perfect if it’s just you and your photographer – but for bigger shoots, you can have up to 10 people for a rate of $85 per hour.

But, before you book the studio for your boudoir session, make sure to find a photographer! This way, you can coordinate with them to find a date and time that works. As a boudoir photographer who loves this studio and has lots of experience shooting in it, I’d love to help you create an empowering experience and make your boudoir shoot come to life!

Contact me if you’re ready to get started!

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