November 1, 2022

How to Deal With Boudoir Shoot Nerves

Having a boudoir session on the calendar can feel empowering, exciting… but also super nerve wracking! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to deal with boudoir shoot nerves and to make sure that you get amazing photos, and more importantly, that you feel your best and have a blast.

Let’s talk about some tips for dealing with boudoir shoot nerves and some ways to relax!

It’s Normal to Have Boudoir Shoot Nerves!

First things first, realize that you aren’t alone! Just knowing that you’re not the only one who feels those boudoir shoot nerves can feel validating and help you relax, at least a little bit. Most people don’t have a ton of experience being in front of the camera, and a boudoir shoot is extra vulnerable – so being anxious about it makes perfect sense. 

One thing that can help you deal with boudoir shoot nerves as the day gets closer is knowing that excitement and nervousness can feel very similar to each other – heart speeding up, butterflies in your stomach, feeling like you can’t think about anything else…. So try to reframe your anxious butterflies and think of it as anticipation and excitement! Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling, but remember that it’s okay to be nervous, and follow these tips to make yourself feel more at ease. 

Ways to Deal With Boudoir Shoot Nerves

Now, let’s talk about ways to deal with boudoir shoot nerves and how to help yourself feel more comfortable!

Loosen Up With Some Adult Beverages

There’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of alcohol to loosen the nerves and help you feel more in the moment! Of course, don’t go overboard, as you want to make sure you’re able to be present and enjoy the experience, but a glass or two can work wonders.

As a boudoir photographer, I always bring some champagne to the shoot (if you drink) to help you relax!

Play Some Music

The right playlist can really set the mood – and having music in the background can make a world of difference when it comes to boudoir shoot nerves. I always bring a speaker and a fun playlist to boudoir sessions, but if you want to make your own playlist of jams that make you feel comfortable, go for it! 

Choose Outfits You Love

What you wear will always have a big impact on how you feel! When you’re prepping for your boudoir shoot, choose outfits that make you feel sexy, but also comfortable – even the cutest lingerie isn’t going to feel good for long if it pinches or pokes. Be sure to find something that not only looks good, but feels good too! If nothing in your closet is really making you feel stoked about your boudoir shoot, treat yourself and go shopping! 

When you’re choosing an outfit, something that can help with boudoir shoot nerves is starting with more clothes on before shedding some layers. So, wear some sexy lingerie, but having a button up over it, or a jacket, or even starting the shoot with some poses that have you tangled up in the sheets can help you ease into it by starting with photos where you’re a little more covered up. Then, as you warm up and get more comfortable, it’ll be easier to show more skin!

Don’t be afraid to bring a few different outfit options too, and to ask your photographer for advice.

Practice Some Poses

When it comes to boudoir photos, and photo sessions in general, the thing people are often most nervous about is posing – figuring out what to do, where to put their hands, and what angles look best. 

Good news – you actually don’t have to worry about this at all, because as your boudoir photographer, this is my job! I’ll guide you through poses (and I’ll look pretty silly doing it), and I’ll make sure you know what to do. This is one of the biggest perks of having a professional, expereinced photographer! 

Boudoir poses aren’t a one-size-fits all, because different angles or poses might suit you better than others. There are flattering poses no matter what you look like, but your personality is important too! You should look at your photos and feel like you’re seeing yourself – so you might find that playful, flirty poses are more your jam, or maybe more artsy, dramatic photos feel more like you. Getting to know you is an important part of my job, and bringing out your unique personality and vibe will make a big difference! 

In the days leading up to your boudoir shoot, practicing a few boudoir poses can help you calm your nerves, and give you an idea of what kind of look you’re going for and what you like. Find a mirror or even snap a few selfies, and think of it as a practice round for your shoot!

Hire the Right Boudoir Photographer

When it comes to dealing with boudoir shoot nerves, this is honestly the most important tip, and the best thing you can do! Hire a professional boudoir photographer who knows what they’re doing, and who can help you feel comfortable. 

My job isn’t just to show up and click the shutter button – I’m there to guide you through poses, hype you up, and help you connect with yourself and feel at ease! While it’s totally normal to feel nervous, those butterflies should only last a few minutes into the shoot. 

We’ll talk a lot throughout the session – so it’ll feel more like friends hanging out than like you posing in front of the camera. The experience you have during the shoot will definitely affect your photos, and the more comfortable you feel, the more comfortable and confident you’ll look! So I’ll get to know you, we’ll chat, and I’ll make sure that you’re able to connect with yourself and feel fully immersed in the moment – because this is all about celebrating you!

Even if you’re nervous, booking a boudoir session is an incredibly powerful way to do something for you – so if you’re ready to make the leap, contact me!

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