August 1, 2022

How Boudoir Photography is Empowering for Women

Doing a boudoir session can be so empowering – especially for women! Allowing yourself to relax, doing something for you, and taking some time to really celebrate parts of  yourself that might often be hidden away is such a rewarding experience. But, how exactly is boudoir empowering for women, and why should you schedule a session?

This guide will talk about the ways that boudoir photography can empower you, and how to make sure you feel your best!

What is Empowering Boudoir Photography?

The word “boudoir” originated in France – and it refers to a woman’s private dressing room. Boudoir photography typically features lingerie or implied nudes, but how naked you get is entirely up to you! 

And it’s so much more than just naked photos. This type of photography celebrates sensuality, intimacy, and self confidence – so it’s not just about physically stripping down, it’s also about celebrating yourself and your body, and stripping away rules and expectations about what women “should” look like or what we “should” do.

Boudoir photography can take place in your bedroom, a studio or rented space, or even on a beach in a swimsuit!

How is Boudoir Empowering for Women?

So, how exactly does posing for the camera and getting (almost) naked empower women? 

It Allows Women to Celebrate Themselves

A big part of what makes a boudoir session so empowering is just the fact that you’re doing something for you, and celebrating yourself! As women, we often get defined by our relationships to other people – mother, wife, daughter…. And while these roles are valuable, who you are is more than that. Boudoir photography celebrates you, just as you are – connecting you to your body, your passion, your sensuality, and it allows you to fully express yourself, including everything that society tells us to hide away.

Boudoir is About Women’s Self Confidence

Boudoir photography is for every body – it empowers women because it allows you to fully relax and connect with yourself and your body. It can be hard to do, and it’s absolutely okay if you don’t go into your session feeling 100% confident and secure – a good photographer will help you focus on loving yourself in that moment, and the photos will reflect that. During your session, it’ll be all about feelin’ yourself and expressing who you are!

Boudoir Empowers Women to Feel Good in Their Skin

Seeing your photos allows you to see yourself and your body in a new way, because photos combine art and creativity with documentation. It’s your body, but expressed in a way that shows your entire self – and the photos will let you see it in a whole new light.

When Do Women Do Boudoir Photos?

Here are some reasons and occasions that women schedule a boudoir session!

Before Their Wedding

Women often schedule a boudoir session for the morning of their wedding day, giving them a chance to take some photos on their bridal lingerie! This makes a great gift to give to their soon-to-be spouse on the wedding night.

As a Gift for Their Partner

Many women do a boudoir shoot as a gift for their partner, for an anniversary or another special occasion. Printing the photos in an album makes it even more special!

Maternity Photos

Instead of traditional maternity photos, you can also do a boudoir session! Pregnancy is hard, but it’s truly such an amazing symbol of what your body is capable of, and celebrating that with a boudoir session is an incredible way to document the time before baby is born.

Other Life Events

Life’s full of ups and downs, and milestones – big ones and small ones. A boudoir session is an amazing way to both document these things, and also to take some time to just celebrate yourself. Some examples can include after having a baby, after a surgery, or even after a tough breakup when you need some self love.

Just Because!

The best time to do boudoir photos is… anytime! You can schedule a boudoir session just to celebrate yourself, give yourself a boost of confidence, and do something just for you.

Empowering Boudoir Photo Tips for Women

To get the most out of your boudoir session, and to help you feel empowered, here are some tips!

Choosing an Outfit

You can wear anything you want for your boudoir photos – and many women find it easier to start the session with more clothes, and to remove layers as they get more comfortable. How naked you get is entirely up to you! It doesn’t have to be about showing more skin – the important thing is that you wear something that makes you feel good, and a cute outfit or implied nudes can be just as sensual and freeing as stripping down.

You can accessorize with jackets or robes, get some cute new lingerie, use your hair or other props creatively, and as your confidence grows throughout the session, you might experiment with new looks!

Picking a Location

For your boudoir photos, choose a place where you’ll feel confident and relaxed – this is usually a private, indoor space, though you can also do some bathing suit shots on a beach! You can do boudoir photos in your home, but I recommend booking a studio. Lighting is so important for all photos, so a studio that’s designed and styled specifically for photography will give you the best setting! You can also look for Airbnbs with cute setups, but a studio will have hourly rates that will be more budget friendly than an entire night’s stay.

Studios also usually have props, like chairs, couches, cushions, and more than you can use in your photos!

Choosing a Boudoir Photographer

Finding the right photographer is the most important step when it comes to creating empowering boudoir photos. You need someone who you trust, as boudoir photos are a really personal thing! Women typically feel most confident and comfortable working with other women for a boudoir session, and your boudoir photographer should be someone you connect with, who will help you feel relaxed and allow you to enjoy the session. 
If you’re ready to schedule a boudoir session, feel empowered, and celebrate that inner goddess, contact me!

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