January 1, 2023

What to Bring to a Boudoir Shoot

A boudoir session can be an incredible, empowering experience, but it’s important to be prepared so that you show up feeling your best, ready for a one-of-a-kind experience! In this guide, we’ll talk about what to bring to a boudoir shoot – from the essentials to the “just for fun” things that will make you feel a little extra sexy on the day of your shoot.

5 Things to Bring to a Boudoir Shoot

Here are 5 things to bring to your boudoir shoot!

1. Outfits

This is one of the big ones – the outfits you’ll be wearing for your boudoir shoot! This can include lingerie and also some layers to go on top if you want to start with some tamer photos before stripping down. 

What you wear really does affect how you feel, so when you’re picking out outfits, whether they’re new or if you’re rocking some old faves, make sure to try them on and take note of how they look, and also how they feel. Even the sexiest lingerie won’t make for a great boudoir shoot if you feel like you’re being squeezed or poked or like you constantly have to adjust it. And if there isn’t anything you love in your closet already, take this opportunity to treat yourself and have a shopping spree.

Two to three outfits is great for a boudoir shoot, so that you can get some variety in your photos, but I also recommend bringing a few extras! Narrowing it down can be really hard, so just bring a few favorites and your photographer will help you figure it out once you’re there – they’ll know what photographs best and can help you pair things together. 

2. Accessories

To go with your outfits, bring some accessories along! This can be jewelry, knee high socks, cute sweaters or button-down shirts, a veil, a robe, some high heels, absolutely anything that you feel good in and that can help you accessorize.

When it comes to accessories, less is truly more. While adding some simple jewelry or a robe over your lingerie can be super cute, anything too flashy can be distracting – and we want you to be the focus of these photos!

3. Lotion

It’s always important to moisturize, so bring your favorite lotion to your boudoir shoot! It will, of course, prevent dry skin, and it’ll also give your legs a sexy glow that will look amazing in photos. Along with the aesthetic functions of lotion, using one that smells good and one that reminds you of your usual self care routine can help you get in the zone and feel relaxed!

4. Water

Staying hydrated is honestly one of the best ways to make sure you’re feeling good! Drink plenty of water before you even get there, and bring a water bottle to your boudoir shoot, and don’t forget to take a few sips throughout the session. 

5. Hair and Makeup Touch Ups

Another thing to bring to your boudoir shoot can be anything you might need to touch up your hair and makeup throughout the session! Some lip gloss, powder, or a hair brush can really save the day. 

What I’ll Bring to Your Boudoir Shoot

There are a few other things that can come in handy during your boudoir session, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! As a boudoir photographer, a huge part of my job is just making sure that you’re comfortable and that you can let your personality shine through – and here’s what’s in my toolbox to help you do that.

Some Champagne

If you drink, I’ll bring a bottle of champagne for you to sip on to loosen up a little! It’s totally normal to be nervous about your boudoir shoot, and a glass of champagne can definitely help. Plus, this day is about you – and you should relax and enjoy some bubbly as you get a little out of your comfort zone! 

We’ll chat over some champagne before I start snapping pics, so that we can get to know each other and you can feel 100% confident throughout the session.

A Speaker and a Playlist

Having some background music completely changes the vibe, and it instantly puts people more at ease! So for every boudoir session, I bring a speaker and a fun playlist to bump, with everything from Stevie Nicks to Sturgill Simpson to some faves from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. Get ready to rock out to all of it!

My Camera

And of course, as a photographer, my camera will be joining us for your boudoir shoot. I’ll be there snapping away and hyping you up from behind the lens, but here’s the thing – boudoir photos are about so much more than getting naked and showing off your hot bod (it can be about that a little bit, though). It’s about doing something for yourself, for once. It’s about seeing yourself in a brand new light, having fun, and celebrating you for everything that you are. 

My favorite thing is seeing that sparkle you’ll get in your eyes after about five minutes of feeling a little awkward (everyone does when they’re in front of the camera, even when they’re not stripping down!). That sparkle that shows up when you discover confidence you maybe didn’t even know you had, and you feel like a whole new you!
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