April 1, 2023

Guide to Outdoor Boudoir Photography

When you think of boudoir photography, you probably imagine a candle-lit studio draped in sheer curtains and Beyoncé playing in the background. And while I love those experiences, did you know I also offer more adventurous experiences for the women who feel most alive under the wide open sky?

Boudoir photography is all about becoming more confident and empowered. And nothing is more freeing than an outdoor boudoir photography session. Now, this isn’t something you want to dive into spontaneously, as safety and privacy are paramount. Still, with careful planning, you can have outdoor boudoir photography beyond anything you can experience with a roof overhead!

Let’s dive into my guide to safe, dynamic, and fun outdoor boudoir photography. Ready to plan yours?

Tip 1: Diligently scout the location and choose something private

The thing that makes or breaks outdoor boudoir photography is the location. The difference between a quiet, secluded forest and an awkwardly-busy hiking trail is massive when it comes to boudoir sessions. No one wants to be buck-ass naked when a family of four strolls by on a Sunday afternoon! 

But don’t worry about that pressure falling on your shoulders. I handle all the location scouting for you! After discussing your vision in depth, I’ll choose something fairly remote, like a quiet beach, woods, or even your backyard, depending on what we’re working with! Trust me; we aren’t going to just roll up and take over your neighborhood park or a downtown street!

The natural environment will look great in photos, too. It’s a unique, adventurous take on Boudoir that really changes the look and feel of your gallery. 

If you want to start getting your creative juices flowing, here are a few of my favorite outdoor boudoir locations to consider:

  • Quiet, secluded beaches
  • Lakeshores away from the recreation area
  • Woods and forests away from hiking trails
  • Less popular hot springs 
  • Hidden meadow of wildflowers
  • Your own backyard!

I’ll choose a spot that people aren’t going to just casually stroll by. You just focus on enjoying the experience!

Tip 2: Plan for the best lighting 

Since we’re photographing outside, we need to prioritize great lighting. Typically the two golden hours, sunrise and sunset, are the best time to photograph outside. I like to opt for sunrise for outdoor boudoir photography because there are typically fewer people around and it feels much more private. 

Making the extra effort to get up even that little bit earlier really makes all the difference. And I’ll grab you a coffee on the way to ensure you’re not sleepy mid-shoot! 

Tip 3: Keep things (mostly) covered up

I won’t photograph you in anything less than lingerie when photographing outside. Sometimes in the studio, clients do a few more riské photos, but we won’t venture into that territory outside. Even if you feel confident flaunting your figure, I always notice tension creeping in if we take it too far out in public. And that’s the last thing I want when you’re meant to be enjoying this confidence-boosting experience! 

Think of it this way: lingerie really isn’t all that different from wearing a bikini. In fact, we can hit the beach and plan a boudoir session IN A BIKINI! That’s still boudoir! 

Tip 4: Bring a cover-up just in case, especially if it’s photo-worthy!

On the off chance someone walks by our secret spot, having a cover-up nearby relieves the tension. I’ll have your cover-up ready to go, and if we hear someone coming, you’ll have it on before they are even within view! They’ll have no idea why we are suddenly in tears of laughter! None ya business, my dude!

Additionally, a cute coverup, like a robe or slip, is a great way to begin your session as you get comfortable with the experience! Adore Me, a sustainable lingerie brand, has some super cute options available! 

Tip 5: Bring a large towel for outfit changes

Many of my clients change into different lingerie sets during the session. Since you have to strip down to change, you might wonder how this works outside!

All you need to do is bring an extra large towel. When changing, you’ll use this as your cover-up, and I can help hold it up if you need it! This tip is essential for photographing in a secluded outdoor area with no places for outfit changes. 

Tip 6: Make a weather backup plan

The last thing you want is to shiver in your skivvies in the middle of a rainstorm! So, let’s just skip all that! I recommend selecting a rain date or making a backup plan in case the weather isn’t looking so great on your session day. 

But, hey, if you’re down to brave the elements, you better believe I am, too! We’ll bring umbrellas and rain jackets and take some super unique boudoir photos! And, of course, we’ll grab hot lattes afterward to warm up. 

Bring on the adventure with outdoor boudoir photography!

There truly isn’t a more adventurous type of photography you can do! So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump right in and go on this adventure together! Inquire about your session today!

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