December 1, 2022

Flattering Boudoir Poses for Every Shape

Booking a boudoir session to celebrate yourself can be an incredibly empowering experience – but let’s be real, it can also be just a little bit nerve wracking! It’s likely a new experience for you, and you want to make sure that you look and feel your best. Finding the right, flattering boudoir poses for you is a huge part of having an amazing photo shoot! 

This guide has some flattering boudoir poses that look amazing no matter your shape or size, and some ways to bring out your inner goddess and feel confident during your session!

Flattering Boudoir Poses

Before your session, it can be helpful to find some boudoir poses, to get you inspired and give you an idea of what you might be doing. Here are some flattering poses that look great for everyone!

Lay on Your Belly

This first one is perfect – sexy but a little subtle, and it’s a great pose to start with to get you comfortable and in the swing of things as you begin the session.

Lay on your belly, with your head up, and arch your back a little to accentuate the booty! This pose shows a little bit of cleavage and a little bit of booty, and it looks great for everyone.

Now On Your Back

This is another flattering boudoir pose, showing a little more! Lay on your back, stretch your body out, and run your hands through your hair. Make sure to bend the legs and arms a bit to give your body some curve (you don’t want to be lying there stiff as a board), and experiment with twisting a little bit at the hips, or at the shoulders. 

You can also have your photographer take this photo from the side, and bring your head over to the edge of your bed (or couch), and let it hang over, playing with your hair! 

Sit Up Tall

Sit up on your knees, and make yourself as tall as possible! Lean forward just a little bit, and this pose will extend the torso and accentuate the waist, and is a flattering boudoir pose for everyone. Raising your hands upwards, towards your hair or even running your fingers through it, lengthens the body even more and creates a slimming look!

Ass Up!

Always, always pop that booty! Whether you’re lying, sitting, or standing, arching the back just a little to accentuate your butt is a really simple way to create a super flattering boudoir pose.

Tangled Up in the Sheets

Sometimes less is more, and covering up a little with the sheets is a really great way to take some sexy photos. Taking some photos with the sheets tangled around you is both concealing and sexy, and will absolutely bring the heat. This is another great one to start the session with, to ease you into some boudoir poses and help you boost your confidence as the shoot progresses!

The Wall Press

Though the bed is a great place for some flattering boudoir poses, stand up for a few! Face the wall, take a wide stance, and press your upper body into the wall. You can put your hands up near your head, or bring them down lower, or maybe both – you’ve got two! This accentuates the arch in your back even more, and makes your legs and booty look amazing.

Legs Up

Raising your legs instantly makes them look slimmer, and this is one of the most flattering boudoir poses! Experiment with some different leg positions – try laying on your back and putting both up against the wall, or laying down and slowly doing a kicking motion, which will capture the curves of your legs. In a lot of your boudoir poses, raising one or both knees will immediately make the pose even sexier!

Practice Some Flattering Boudoir Poses!

A great way to prepare for your boudoir session, and to calm those pre-shoot butterflies, is to practice a few poses beforehand! 

The most “flattering” poses are the ones that make you feel good – so trying a few out before you get in front of the camera can give you an idea of what angles you like, what poses make you feel sexy, and can also just give you a confidence boost before the professional camera gets there.

You can practice in front of a mirror, or you can even take a few of your own boudoir photos – setting up a tripod and using the self timer on your phone (or better yet, getting a remote) can allow you to look at the photos afterwards to see which boudoir poses you like best, and which ones you might want to do during your session!

Your Photographer Will Help With Flattering Boudoir Poses

While there’s plenty of inspiration for flattering boudoir poses and ideas, the best thing you can do is hire an experienced photographer for your session! My job is to help you feel comfortable and confident, which includes guiding you through poses and helping you find what works. 

While these poses are flattering for everyone, everybody is different, and your unique personality will also impact which poses feel, and look, right for you! I’ll help you connect with yourself, and will be your hype woman throughout the session!

Ready to try out some of these flattering boudoir poses? Contact me!

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