June 1, 2023

Sustainable, Luxurious Lingerie Brands For Your Next Boudoir Session

When it’s time to gather a wardrobe for an upcoming boudoir session, many women freeze up. We know our comfy bedtime cozies aren’t gonna cut it, but unless you’re recently married, few women have a closet full of photoshoot-worthy lingerie ready and waiting for their time to shine. And if your values don’t exactly have you rushing to the latest fast fashion website, finding what you need can start to feel impossible. 

If you’re preparing for an upcoming boudoir session and wish you could find an ethically, sustainably-sourced wardrobe, we speak the same language. You’re not impressed by fast fashion. You prefer companies that treat workers fairly and don’t exploit labor. And that extra cherry on top—you love seeing marketing filled with bodies like yours! 

If you’re preparing for an upcoming boudoir session and wish you could find an ethically, sustainably-sourced wardrobe, we speak the same language. You’re not impressed by fast fashion. You prefer companies that treat workers fairly and don’t exploit labor. And that extra cherry on top—you love to see marketing filled with bodies that look like yours! 

I love finding the best lingerie brands for my clients to try out that come from companies that share our values. Let’s dive into three of my absolute favorite ethical, sustainable lingerie brands that will make you look like a million bucks during your upcoming boudoir session!

Thistle and Spire: for ultra-sexy sets and suits

Thistle and Spire is the first shop I recommend to women who want to turn up the sex appeal for their boudoir session. Shop anything from teddies and bodysuits to two pieces that bare all. But, of course, you can still find sets with a bit of extra coverage, too!

Thistle and Spire is female-founded with a small team known for showcasing their collection on real women. They also have lingerie in just about every size and shade, not just those granny-inspired looks! They make hot, hot, hot looks accessible to everyone, ensuring you’ll find a beautiful set that compliments your body type and skin tone.

A few of my Thistle and Spire favorites:

Medusa thong and bralette: This set has a super unique snake pattern to really turn up the sexiness! I love the play on the mythical female figure.

Amore slip: For a sexy look that doesn’t quite show everything, this slip is a classic look that hugs your curves. I love the way this slip accentuates tons of different body types.

Mulberry keyhole thong and bralette: This deep purple set is perfect for a Valentine’s Day look. The floral embroidered keyhole bralette is super sexy while having racerback straps that are adjustable and comfy for moving around. 

2. Savara: for feminine, modest sets with a sustainable side

Savara means “glowing from within.” And boy, do their designs! I love this company’s values, and I know you will too! In fact, I’m so passionate about this brand that I’ve chosen to partner with them as an affiliate! Use my link to get 10% off!

Savara is committed to sustainability at every step of the process. They start with sustainable materials that are certified eco-friendly or upcycled. They routinely visit their factories to ensure they have fair business practices and treat their employees well. They limit their packaging materials and use recycled paper and cardboard that would typically be thrown away as waste. They also try to use every inch of the materials they purchase, reducing the amount of waste from production. 

They ensure all of their designs are super adjustable, so you can continue wearing your bra even if your size changes or it gets worn out over time. They also offer a wide range of sizes, so you can find your perfect fit. This helps reduce waste because I’m sure you’ve ordered a bra you’ve never worn because it didn’t fit just right. Savara tries to minimize this by making their bras as adjustable as possible!

And to top it all off, with each item they sell, they plant a tree! And with each nursing bra sold, they donate one euro to a fund to support refugee kids and moms. You can see why I’m so obsessed with this brand!

A few of my Savara favorites:

Willow Black Contrast Lace Bra and Brief: This bra is super sexy and comfortable while still leaving something to the imagination. I love the look of a black-on-black set, and the Willow certainly delivers! There are no wires, and the shoulder straps can be worn crossed, so the bra is super comfy and adjustable to fit you.

SVENJA Bra Lined Aveline White and SVENJA slip: This sexy white set is absolutely stunning. I love the high-waisted slip bottoms and the super light fabric. The lacey cups are sexy and just modest enough. This minimalist look is perfect for anyone wanting an all-white look for their boudoir session.

Body—Loulu Black: Try this all-black, sheer-sided bodysuit to accentuate your curves and look downright HOT. I love the lacey fringe on the top of the cups, the waist-accentuating fit, and the sheer sides. This bodysuit would look amazing on anyone!

Don’t forget to use my affiliate link to get 10% off your purchase!

3. Adore Me: for low-cost, ultra-feminine looks

Adore Me makes lingerie affordable to anyone. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a Victoria’s Secret set when you can get a much lower-cost version right here?

Adore Me is the only U.S.-based B Corp Certified lingerie brand, which means it adheres to stricter standards around categories such as sustainability and the working conditions of its factory. If you ask me, that’s huge! They use sustainable fabrics, ensure their suppliers have the same values of sustainability, offset their carbon emissions from shipping by helping restore forests worldwide, and even use sustainable packaging. 

On top of all that sustainable goodness, they were also the first lingerie brand to offer extended sizing across most of their styles. I love that Adore Me is focused on empowering women and helping the planet!

A few of my Adore Me favorites: 

Anouchka Unlined: This bodysuit comes in many colors, but I love the simple black. It’s super lacey and sexy, so you’ll definitely want to get that bikini wax beforehand! This suit is a bestseller with almost a perfect 5-star review, and it fits tons of shapes and sizes.

Clairabelle Push-Up and Thong: Want a Boudoir set that makes you feel like a princess? The Clairebella is precisely what you’re looking for! I love the classic white look, but you can get it in nearly every color you can think of! We can get some pretty flowers and create a feminine, princess-inspired session to match this set!

Kaia Unlined Bra and Panty: This set turns up the sex appeal and then turns it up some more! With sexy garter straps and peekaboo keyholes, this look will have you feeling like a million bucks! The dark blue and green shades are flattering on tons of skin tones if you want something different from classic black. 


One of the great things about Adore Me is they have many cute accessories to choose from, too. Grab a silk robe or some stockings, and let’s experiment with unique looks!

Klaudia stockings: lace-lined, super sexy stockings to add to your look!

Desirae robe: Throw this on over your lingerie set, and we can get some more modest photos, then toss it off when you start feeling confident for the camera! You can even get this in super cute feminine floral patterns. 

Primrose slip: This slip dress has a super cute feminine flair with a plunging v-neck that is just sexy enough!

You don’t have to break the bank to buy sustainably while feeling confident and sexy!

You don’t need to be a Victoria’s Secret model to look and feel sexy. These sustainable lingerie brands will WOW you while still being sustainable and ethical.

If you’re ready to say hello to empowering, confidence-building Houston boudoir photography, and receive even more tips like these as you prepare for your session, hop on over to my contact page and say hello today!

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