June 1, 2023

Houston Maternity Boudoir Photography: Veronica’s Session

With a baby on the way, Veronica knew she wanted to preserve this fleeting, magical season in her life. But she didn’t want to slip into a flowing gown for a maternity photoshoot like everyone else’s. She wanted something unique. Something more. Something that celebrated the changes her body was undergoing as she grew another. 

Veronica wanted to book a Houston boudoir maternity photography experience! 

This experience isn’t for everyone. I mean, you couldn’t pay some pregnant mommas to shed their sweatpants for a glowing goddess boudoir session. But this experience was so Veronica, and I’m so thrilled I could bring it to her!

On the day of her session, Veronica arrived with her friend Alex who was also up for joining in the session! As they hyped each other up, I was moved by this true testament to friendship. It completely shifted the energy in the room to something that was equal parts cozy and powerful, an energy I fed off of, too, as I picked up my camera and began clicking!

Veronica knew she wanted to plan for several outfit changes to bring variety to her final gallery, something I definitely recommend all clients consider. She started with a black lingerie bra with flowy fabric cascading down and covering her stomach. We used this fabric to really accentuate her bump and do some unique poses. We took photos by the window to get the light gently falling on her. Then, we took a few in front of the black backdrop for a more dramatic look. 

But this was a boudoir shoot, so we wanted to bring in the sex appeal!  Pregnant women are super hot, too, and we emphasized that in her session. Veronica did some sexier poses with her lingerie strap coming off and then some on the camel couch.

Next, she changed into a similar top, but this one was bright pink. This lingerie top looked beautiful with her blonde hair, and we took some photos of her kneeling and playing with her hair. She seems confident and empowered in these photos and was an absolute natural at posing!

Next, we headed to the bedroom set in my studio. As you’d imagine, we chose this spot to do a few more sexy poses. Our bold Veronica decided to remove her top, covering herself with just her long blonde hair. The effect was absolutely angelic and proved that the results can be breathtaking when you’re up for anything. 

Next, she changed into a delicate white lace robe. Can we say goddess!? We took some beautiful photos of her standing in the studio with the light falling gently on her. I can really tell how connected she felt with her baby girl in these pictures. I know these will be some of her favorites to return to for years to come.

To wrap things up, we pumped up the edge and had a little more fun! The tone completely shifted as she pulled on a vintage Dragon Ball t-shirt! Against a black background, she looked like a powerful super saiyan ready to save the world! 

By planning for a varied collection of tones and looks, Veronica’s final gallery is one that genuinely expresses every aspect of her personality and celebrates this unbelievable season of life she’s in. She proved sexy is about so much more than a model-thin body in strappy lingerie. From her baby bump to her lacy looks to her vintage t-shirt, we went on a journey that subverted expectations…and became so much more beautiful than we could have imagined!

I’m so honored I was able to preserve Veronica’s maternity session in this way! If you’ve got a baby on the way and would like to blend boudoir and maternity to document this journey, I’d love to hear from you! Simply reach out as you approach month 7 of pregnancy, and we’ll get your session on the calendar! I can’t wait to meet you soon!

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