June 1, 2022

Abby | Boudoir Photography in Austin, Texas

A boudoir session is an incredibly empowering, fun way to celebrate yourself. You can schedule an Austin boudoir photography session as a gift for your partner, as a way to celebrate a milestone, or just because – there’s no bad time for self love and embracing your inner goddess!

About Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photos are more than just getting naked. It’s a way to celebrate being a woman, and to do something for you – allowing yourself to relax, be free, and express who you are. The photos can highlight sensuality, playfulness, intimacy, and more, and it’s all about being able to see your body in a whole new way. Boudoir combines art and creativity with documenting you as you are, so you should feel amazing and confident during the session. Then, when you see your photos, you’ll be absolutely blown away by how incredible you look!

Austin Boudoir Photography Locations

Choosing the perfect place for your boudoir session is a big part of the process. The location should be one that you feel comfortable in – for some people that means doing photos at home, but for others, being in a new environment can encourage you to get adventurous and bring the confidence! 

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that your Austin boudoir photography location should have good lighting. This means windows and natural light! Lighting makes such a huge difference in photography, and your photos will look much better if they’re not taken under fluorescent bulbs or harsh light.

Here are a few ideas for Austin boudoir photography locations!

A Studio

A studio is one of the best options for your boudoir session. They’re designed to be gorgeous in photos! A studio will have good lighting, and props that you can use for your session, like chairs, couches, possibly a bed, and more. You can book a studio by the hour, which makes it convenient for photoshoots. One of my favorite studios in Austin, Texas is the Boho House – which is actually an entire home, but the owners rent it out for photos!

An Airbnb 

An Airbnb makes a great location for a boudoir shoot as well, and can give you a more “homey” feeling, with a bedroom and lots of space to choose from. Look for well decorated Airbnbs with good lighting! One thing to keep in mind is that unlike a studio, you may need to book an Airbnb for an entire night – but, it’s also possible to message hosts to ask about hourly rates, as some may be open to it.

A Hotel

Like Airbnbs, a hotel will likely need to be booked for the night. But, if you find a hotel with good lighting (requesting a room that’s higher up can help), this can make a great place to take some boudoir photos. Hotels tend to have less “personality” than Airbnbs, so it all depends on the vibe you’re going for!

Your Home

An in-home boudoir session can be great for calming your nerves and making you feel comfortable! Make sure to find a spot with good lighting, and make some space for the photos. You can do this in your bedroom, or use a couch, or even find a roomy spot by a window and bring a chair over!

Booking an Austin Boudoir Photographer

Your photographer is the key to an amazing session! My job is to help you relax and feel comfortable, ensuring that the experience makes you feel like a goddess. Of course, I’ll be snapping photos along the way, so if you’re ready to book a boudoir session, contact me!

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