May 1, 2022

Kayla | Boudoir Shoot at Houston Warehouse Studios

You have a lot of different options when it comes to finding the perfect place for a boudoir session – you can have your photos taken at home, book a hotel, find an Airbnb, or rent a studio. Each one has different perks, but the studio is one of my favorite options for any boudoir session! Studios, like Houston Warehouse Studio, are specifically designed for photography – which means they offer good lighting, amazing backdrops, and everything you need for a successful session. They’re private, and can also be rented by the hour which is typically more convenient than having to book a hotel room for an entire night! 

Houston Warehouse Studios is a gorgeous space built in 1925, located in historic Near Northside. It’s the perfect spot for a boudoir session!

Location of Houston Warehouse Studios

The studio is located in the historic Near Northside neighborhood of Houston, Texas – it’s convenient and easy to get to, with street parking outside and some lots and parking garages too.

About Houston Warehouse Studios

Houston Warehouse Studios has everything you need for your shoot. The space is decorated with gorgeous exposed brick, and minimalist white walls, which make for a great backdrop for any boudoir session. This combination of modern design with vintage accents means the space is really customizable and can fit any vibe you’re going for!

The studio also has a ton of furniture for you to use during your boudoir session. There are lots of different couches, different chairs, a unique triangle shaped mirror, and a ton of options for furniture and decorations! The studio sometimes switches out their furniture, so if you see something that you love, you can mention it when you make your booking to ensure that it’ll be there for you to use.

The studio is also complete with all the functional necessities, including a bathroom on site, lighting equipment, outlets and extension cords, and everything you need! Lighting equipment, outlets, extension cords, and everything you need!

Booking Houston Warehouse Studios

And if you want to book Houston Warehouse Studios for your own boudoir session, you can check availability ahead of time and see what time slots are open.

The studio needs to be booked for at least two hours, and the limit is five people – for a boudoir session, it’ll likely just be you and a photographer, so that’s all you need! Rates also are slightly higher on weekends, but if you need more time the rates are discounted as you increase the number of hours.

Here are the current rates for Houston Warehouse Studios, and you can see the most recent information on their website:

  • ​2 hours: $50 per hour on weekdays / $55 per hour on weekends
  • 3+ hours: $41 per hour on weekdays / $47 per hour on weekends
  • 8+ hours: $34 per hour on weekdays / $40 per hour on weekends

Ready to Schedule a Boudoir Session?

If you’re ready to schedule a boudoir session, the first step is to book your photographer! Afterwards, I’ll work with you to find a date and time that works for us, so that you can book the Houston Warehouse Studio.

To start planning your boudoir session, contact me!

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